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Q&A with Manolo Cruz from Mpireboyz Car Club

Posted on October 15 2020

Car club owner Q&A Manolo Cruz of Mpireboyz wearing Street Gods black hoodie

 Car club owner Manolo Cruz of Mpireboyz

1. How long has the club been around?  
I started Mpireboyz in 2015 so it’s been 5 years. We started with 4 other members who had BMW’s. We met in a parking lot and said we should start a car club. The rest is history.
2. How has the club changed from the beginning? 
It has only grown. We started off locally and now we have chapters globally. We have chapters in London and in Japan. We have become a dominant factor in the motorsport game!
3. Did you like the outcome for the Vice series Street Gods featuring the Mpireboyz? 
The Vice series Street Gods was a great project. It gave us a chance to showcase our culture without any filters. We worked on a project with MTV before the Vice series and it was a learning experience to say the least. MTV shelved the project after they watered down the culture. Vice has labelled our series a YouTube classic on their channel. The four part series has generated over a million subscribers for their channel and millions of views for each part of the series.
4. How does STUNTX relate to Mpireboyz.
STUNTX played a very big part in making MPIREBOYZ a brand. They designed a lot of our clubs merchandise in the beginning. The company has been in the motorsport vein for years before we started Mpireboyz. The company was behind an associate of mine who is big in the bike life community. His name is Hollywood Stuntz. Hollywood would do big motorcycle rides every year and have people from across the country attend. STUNTX would make the merchandise for his rides and people would pay money just to have a t-shirt with a cartoon character that resembled Hollywood. I got the idea to have them get behind Mpireboyz since I seen how successful they was with Hollywood.

Street Gods is continuing its series. Stay tuned for the Street Gods vlog this month. Go and support Street Gods with the merch. produced by STUNTX.