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Leeky Da Bike Star Q&A Interview

Posted on November 10 2020

Leeky Da Bike Star wearing Stuntx hoodie for Q&A interview


This ain't a movie dog, this is Bike Life! Leeky Da Bike Star is a true New York original. His youtube videos are more exciting to watch than a chase scene in a spy thriller. Why? Because these are real-life ride-outs with street stunts, not choreographed performances for movie scenes conducted by stuntmen submersed in safety protocols.

We catch up to Leeky for a quick Q&A interview. If you haven't done so, check out some of his youtube videos or check him out at Vice.


Leeky Da Bike Star wearing Street Gods black hoodie underground racing apparel

1. How long have you been riding?

I have been riding since I was 8 years old. An older guy from my neighborhood taught me how to ride. His name is Chico. He was a great mentor to me when I was younger.


2. Since you started riding has the BikeLife community grown?

It has become more popular now. It seems like it’s an international phenomenon now. I get DM’s from all across the world asking me to come to their country and ride. I don’t like how BikeLife is portrayed as a hood thing to do. It’s a sport that is done in different communities and areas of the country. I actually had a white professional motor cross rider tell me he started riding on his local streets before he learned how to ride on dirt. 


3. You had an impactful episode on Vice’s Street Gods series. Has it helped you? 

Working with Vice was a blessing. It gave me a chance to tell my story and how serious I take the sport. It was shot greatly. Lee Adams is a great director. He captured my life in 14 minutes perfectly. I was concerned at first but once I saw the episode I was very impressed.


4. How are you affiliated with STUNTX?

I think the product is dope! I remember hearing about STUNTX in 2012 in the BikeLife scene. To me, they have been fully involved in the motorsport culture since the beginning. No other apparel line was behind our culture like they were. The designs and material which the merchandise is made are Litt!