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NYC's Fastest - Heavy Pavement Action

Posted on September 27 2020

Vice Street Gods star Shreaf Taha of illegal street racing team Heavy Pavement Action

We interviewed NYC's fastest illegal street racer from the Heavy Pavement Action team, and a star from Vice's Street Gods series, Shreaf Taha.

Shreaf Taha of NYC heavy pavement action crew of illegal street racing fame & vice street gods.
Questions & answers from Shreaf Taha, aka Reaf. Follow him on Instagram @threedirty5.
1. What is the name of your race team? 
2. Are you the fastest race team in NYC? 
Shreaf Taha: We are one of the fastest teams in New York City. Fastest car on my team is me and my friend Igor with his Porsche. I have a BMW 335 with a Toyota Supra 2JZ motor! First one in the world and Igor has a Porsche 911 Turbo S.
3. How are you trying to take your team to the next level? 
Shreaf Taha: I would love to take my team to the next level by going viral! Also I want us to be different by being organized and crazy at the same time. I want us to be highlighted on Fastest Car on Netflix.
4. How did you get started? Did the Vice series give you bigger exposure?
Shreaf Taha: I can’t tell you how I got started because as long as I can remember I loved cars just wasn’t able to afford them before now is a different story! Vice gave me a lot more exposure to the world but I already had followers before Instagram! I already made noise in the east coast ! Vice just made it world wide!!