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Mpireboyz Burning Doughnuts on Vice’s Street Gods series

Posted on July 30 2020

Underground racer Joseph Tedesco aka Joey, a star in Vice Street Gods series with Mpireboyz, performs burnouts at NYC car club meetup.

Vice’s StreetGods series burns through 2 million views on Vice’s YouTube channel. The hit series was produced by Vice and Stuntx's own Marc Esannason.

Street Gods Pt. 1: Inside New York City’s Underground Car Meets

Bike life in New York, Vice covers dirt bike & atv ride outs for Street Gods Pt. 1: Inside NYC's Underground Car Meets

Photographed inside Vice studio offices wearing Stuntx apparel, Joseph Tedesco aka Joey a car racer featured in car burnouts during one of the video's meetups, and Manolo Cruz aka Nolo owner of Mpireboyz.

Joseph Tedesco aka Joey, car racer in burnouts, and Manolo Cruz aka Nolo owner of Mpireboyz at Vice wearing Stuntx for Street Gods series.