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Leeky DaBikestar interviewed by Office Magazine

Posted on March 13 2020

Dirtt bike star Leeky Da BikeStar wear underground racing streetwear brand Stuntx t-shirt



Office Magazine interviewed Leeky DaBikestar about his experiences with Covid-19 in New York City and racial tensions that has surfaced around the country. Check them out in Office Magazines next issue.

Leeky Da BikeStar underground dirt bike stunt legend & Vice Street God

Leeky Da Bike God, Bike Rider


When did the virus start affecting your life? 

As much as anyone can, I have been trying not to let the virus affect me. I’ve been focused on my family and my friends being as safe as possible, so if they’re good, I’m good. Plus I can still ride my bike, which is social distancing at its best haha. Truthfully, I try not to think of it.

What changes did you have to make to your work, personal and social life? 

Funny enough, a little common sense goes a long way. I listen to what the experts say and apply it to my life the best I can. I’ve gotten more focused on my craft and just been working through the pandemic. The hustle continues and I’m not going let anything slow my process down.

How did you first hear about the tragedies of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor?

Like most of us, I found out through social media and the internet. It’s messed up that bad news is so easily shared across social media, but it keeps us informed and we need truthful information now more than ever. It’s just really sad how people of color are constantly being treated and abused. 

What was your response and how did you act?

I was mad. I am mad. I’ve been mad. They weren’t the first or the last to suffer at the hands of the police, but we as a country are getting more and more tired of it. That’s why the reaction was so strong across the country. I even went so far as to create a shirt that speaks out against police brutality. 

What changes do you want to see happen in this country going forward?

I wanna see every one treated equally, no matter their race. But honestly, I am doubtful that it will ever happen, at least not in my lifetime. But I’ll keep fighting for it.

How will you look back on 2020 and who should be leading the country in 2021?

I’ll look back on 2020 like “that was one crazy year” lol. I mean since they are letting anyone lead the country the days, Bike God for president.