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BMW’s Vision Next 100 – the Ultimate Driving Machine of Tomorrow

Posted on March 30 2016

BMW’s Vision Next 100 – the Ultimate Driving Machine of Tomorrow

On the day of its birthday celebration BMW decided to not only celebrate its past 100 years of success as the largest luxury automaker, but to predict the next 100 years of what the Ultimate Driving Machine will be. BMW decided to develop a concept car called Vision Next 100 that will foretell what the Ultimate Driving Machine of the year 2116 will look like.

The Vision Next 100 was designed not to take the driving away from the driver, but to blend the best of both worlds by providing autonomous driving and furthermore allowing the driver to handle the Ultimate Driving Machine themselves.

The Vision is to have two driving methods called Boost and Ease. When the vehicle is in Boost mode, the driver has complete control of the car, the new stylized rectangular steering wheel comes out into view from the dashboard, the seat adjusts from a more relaxed position to a more upright position for the driver, and the center console tilts towards the driver. The entire windshield is mostly a heads up display with pertinent information about the vehicle and its surroundings. Remarkably, we can see that the Vision 100 does not have an instrument cluster, with the advancement of technology today by Apple’s CarPlay, Microsoft Sync and Android Auto, the need of buttons and dials are pretty much a century old according to BMW’s Vision.

When in Ease mode the steering wheel retracts back into the dashboard, the seat then merges with the door panel allowing the driver to be more relaxed and less upright; from there the center console tilts away from the driver. The heads-up display still allows the occupants to see important information on the vehicle and its surroundings, but those in the vehicle can also use it to play movies, surf the web and lean about points of interest along the designated route.

Depending on the mode the vehicle is driven in the kidney grill, headlights and tail lamps all change according the current mode the vehicle is in. Furthermore, the dash lights up in the vehicle to allow other drivers and pedestrians to know that no one is at the wheel.

When it comes to the heads-up display, it goes a step further from the current heads-up display in vehicles today; the life like feel called Alive Geometry transforms everything in your peripheral view into a digital blanket of information that wraps around you. Which gives you the sense of a real life virtual reality, except that it is reality as things move around you as the vehicle is being driven. This mimics a flock of birds to bring you subtly changing information about what's going on around you.

From a design standpoint, it takes a lot of cues from the BMW i8, the transition from the i8’s coupe style to this sedans look is seamless with its wing doors. The stretching fenders that cover the wheels looks great and surreal as if there are no t, however there are wheels as BMW stated, the fender covers the wheels and moves fluidly with them.  

With all that being said this is just a little synopsis of what BMW has to offer us in the next 100 years, though BMW states that it might be more like 30 years from now. Since this is a concept vehicle we may not see this exact car in the show rooms any time soon, but no need to worry as we can be assured that we will definitely see certain features included in BMW’s lineups in the decades to come. We here at STUNTX have a lot to look forward to as technology and fashion continue to evolve, we know that we have a lot to look forward to in the years to come. We understand the luxury lifestyle we are here to represent and that’s what sets us apart.